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Developers Deny Option To Mute Emotes In Clash Royale

Developers Deny Request For Option To Mute Emotes

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Recently on the official Clash Royale website lead developers expressed in a blog post that they are aware of the many people who had requested a mute option for emotes when playing online. Come on guys, really? It’s an emote, not someone yelling at you through a microphone where you have no choice but to listen to them. While I feel that many people are over sensitive to this topic and shouldn’t take something in game such as an emote so seriously. I agree sometimes it can get a bit irritating, especially when you’re losing and being taunted but that is part of the multiplayer experience in online gaming. Since there is no chat box for random people to communicate for obvious reasons such as trash talking and insulting opponents. The developers made a post about this today denying the request and basically telling everyone to get over themselves. They expressed that there is no chance that a mute option would be implemented into online play however a new clash royale cheat is found able to mute emotes in Clash Royale game.. The reasoning behind this that they provided was that you aren’t playing against a computer or a robot.

The person on the other side of the battle is a real person just like you and has emotions, and emotes allow people to express the emotions felt in game and communicate regardless of a language barrier. They say that emotes are a big part of Clash Royale because they keep interaction going between the two players. It also makes it seem like real multiplayer, by reminding players that who they are facing is a real person and can talk just like you. I would agree however that if it was a chat box and there were incidents of racial slurs, stuff like that. Then yes, there would need to be something done about it all. This however is a case of saltiness, especially when people lose. If people are losing and the other person is sending funny and crying emotes at them they might get a little bit ticked off. This has been part of every one of these developer’s games including Clash Of Clans and according to them it won’t be changing any time soon. They in fact actually plan to add more emotes, so you can be more specific with your communication instead of only having five expressions the whole game. Personally, I think it is better that way.

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